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Knowing how to successfully market your business online is more important than ever. We created Elevate to help small businesses like yours learn the digital strategies and skills that are working today, without the cost and risks of an expensive in-person conference.

Every March, Elevate arrives with a wealth of new courses on the business marketing trends that matter right now. Join free and participate live, jump into an on-demand course right now, or upgrade for extended access and premium small-group workshops—all at your own pace, on your own schedule, from wherever you are in the world! 

With deep dives into critical topics and an exciting mix of streamable sessions, live panels, hands-on workshops and expert Q&As, you’ll be able to learn what you want, how you want to learn it.

Join an on-demand course and get learning right away.

What Others Are Saying About Elevate...

Testimonials from happy attendees!

Thank you for a ton of valuable information

Mariana K., Elevate March 2020 Attendee

"I really enjoyed dedicating two full days to refresh my marketing knowledge at the comfort of my house. I took some great tips that will allow me to support others and apply for my own business. Thank you very much for a ton of valuable information."

I gleaned great information from Elevate Summit

Justine Murdy, Co-founder, Scrap Arts Music

"I gleaned great information from Elevate Summit, and I am still returning to my notes, sustaining the inspiration, two weeks later. Thanks to the panels, I feel smarter and more informed about the state of marketing in 2020. Being able to interact with the presenters was a cool feature of the experience."

Elevate is such a great resource to learn about what’s working

Alicia Michelle, life coach at Vibrant Christian Living, Elevate Fall 2019 Attendee

"I signed up because Elevate is such a great resource to learn about what’s working in social media from experts—all in one place and without the need to travel to a conference. There are so many great tips and strategies here that I can’t wait to implement!"

All-star lineup for this summit

Claudia Cometa, Owner and CEO at Peace Advocacy Group, Elevate Fall 2019 Attendee

"With the multitude of virtual and in-person events, it’s important to me the event creator is passionate about providing value and the speakers are experts in their respective fields. Marie hit the mark with both of these! She is passionate and dedicated to ensuring her audience gets exceptional value and she has put together an all-star lineup for this summit!"

Here’s what you can expect at Elevate Marketing Summit:

  • Tons of expert-led courses and panel discussions on the digital trends and strategies that are working right now for small businesses
  • A “deep dive” approach into each year’s critical subject: content marketing, social media marketing, storytelling, community engagement and more
  • Free bonus tools, templates and checklists to help you put what you learn into practice with ease

All Elevate courses are online and at watchable your own pace, with no travel costs, no mass conferences, no time away, no hassle. So sign up now and start elevating your business!

Elevate Marketing Summit is designed for YOU

Do you own, manage or promote a business? Are you an entrepreneur, or a self-employed consultant trying to grow your client base? 

Then you need to attend Elevate Marketing Summit.

Whether you join our live annual summit, a past recorded event or a premium workshop, participating in Elevate will help you take charge of your brand and reach the right customers.

Through our expert-led, on-demand courses, you’ll learn how to:

  • Diversify and expand your marketing—even on a tiny budget
  • Develop an effective strategy for content creation, execution and delivery 
  • Generate more high-value leads, and use them to boost your sales
  • Leverage the expertise you already have to reach the customers who share your passion 
  • Master the latest strategies that will let you take control of your marketing, with ease

And all of this, with no travel costs, no overcrowded conference halls, and no need to leave your business behind. All you’ll get is the best experts, the latest marketing knowledge, and the top insights on the marketing topics that you need to learn right now.

Our next summit is March 2021. But why wait? Get started with one of our on-demand Elevate courses right now.

Meet Your Host

Creator & Host

Marie Hunter

I founded Elevate Marketing Summit in 2018 as a virtual marketing conference that connects small business owners with top marketing industry experts to help them elevate their online presence, generate more leads, draw in new customers and increase their sales. And the best part? It’s all online—meaning no travel, no hotels and no need to leave your business behind. Elevate teaches you all the latest marketing strategies and the best tips and insights from top experts, all available on your own schedule and from your own location. With a mix of streamable, re-watchable sessions, personalized interactive workshops and smart Q&As—on topics driven by what attendees are wanting to learn about right now—you’ll come out with the confidence and knowledge you need to take charge of your digital marketing, leverage your own expertise, create fresh content and grow your revenue.