Struggling with your content marketing?

Our 2020 edition of Elevate Marketing Summit is now on-demand, with everything you need to create a personalized content marketing plan for your small business

If you run a small business, that means you know your stuff—whether you’re creating, consulting, guiding or providing. It’s time to start leveraging your own skills and expertise to draw in the customers who share those same interests.

The rise of content marketing has been a dream for small businesses, because it lets them use what they already know to draw in new fans, develop closer customer relationships, increase brand awareness and position themselves as experts in their field. By producing engaging content that entertains, advises and educates, you can:

  • Bring in new leads and prospects, cost effectively
  • Build brand awareness across multiple platforms, and in the real world!
  • Increase trust and relationships with existing and future customers
  • Improve how you show up in Google searches with better search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Set yourself apart from your competition—you are the expert!
  • Keep your customers engaged through your entire sales funnel—from discovery to purchase
  • Fill your social media feeds with interesting, fresh and personalized content

Create, Curate and Collaborate

Elevate March 2020—now on-demand!—is all about the magic “three Cs” of content marketing, with expert seminars that give the best tips and tricks on creating, curating and collaborating for effective content. 

Now you can get an All-Access Pass at an incredible post-conference rate, so you can learn how to develop your own unique content, put a new spin on the best what’s already out there, and team up with like-minded brands to exponentially increase your returns.

No more banging your head on the wall, grasping for new ideas. No more tumbleweeds drifting across your social media feeds. No more feeling anxious about your marketing efforts!

Elevate will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to plan and create a never-ending bounty of fresh, relevant and personalized content to post and share.


6-month access to all 17 content marketing sessions, plus:

  1. An in-depth 25-minute tutorial on using Canva. Canva is a free design tool that's perfect for small business owners who are not design experts. Quickly create eye-catching graphics, checklists, ebooks and more without any design skills!
  2. An easy-to-watch quick-tip bonus tutorial on improving your Search Engine Optimization for each piece of content you create and...
  3. A 3-min video on defining the right length of your videos so you can capture your customer's attention

Grab your all-access pass and learn the tips and tools to start creating a content marketing plan that works for your business! Learn everything you need to know at your own pace, and on your own schedule!

Topics Included

How to create, curate and collaborate for real results

  • 1


    • Video Marketing: Attract Your Ideal Clients With Ease with Anthony Madani

    • The Dos and Don’ts of Successful Podcasting with Isabelle Jacques

    • A Complete Guide to Visual Branding with Brandilyn Davidson

    • The 3 Content Marketing Mistakes You MUST Avoid with Jillian Bowen

    • A Simple Email Marketing Strategy to Boost Sign-Ups & Sales with Marie Hunter

    • The Best (Free) Ways to Develop Killer Content Ideas for your Marketing with Ashley Doan

    • Do Good, with Stories: Designing Brand Movements That Change the World with Denise Withers

    • Dare to Be Seen: Create a Brand Voice That Stands Tall—and Stands Out with Jess Drury

  • 2


    • Here to Eternity: How to Give Your Content Everlasting Life with Jennifer Kolbuc

    • User Generated Content: 5 Ways to Collect Great Content from Your Fans with Blair Kaplan Venables

  • 3


    • How to Work with Influencers with Ashley Graham

    • Guest Blog, Best Blog: Collaborate with Other Brands to Double Your Impact with Cierra Savatgy-King

  • 4


    • Avoid the Suck! How to Execute a Good Content Plan with Michael Tighe

    • How to Distribute Content So That It Gets Seen with Bosco Anthony

    • Why You Should Source Your Brand Before You Create Your Content with Nicholas Jones

    • Hiring Made Simple: Building the Right Team for Your Business with LaKita Williams

    • The Evolution of Content Marketing with Blair Kaplan Venables, Jillian-Bowen and Bosco Anthony

  • 5


    • 25 min Canva Tutorial for creating eye-catching graphics

    • SEO Tips to optimize each piece of content

    • Find the right length for your videos